JT Gasso Salary: Patty Gasso’s Son

Who Is Patty Gasso’s Son JT Gasso? His Salary, Wife And Wedding Pictures

Who Is Patty Gasso’s Son JT Gasso? His Salary, Wife And Wedding Pictures

What is JT Gasso salary? His salary crosses a hundred thousand dollars with the Sooners. Have a look at his wife and wedding pictures.

Gasso is the assistant coach for the Oklahoma Sooners baseball team. He is the son of the softball coach Patty Gasso.

JT Gasso Salary and Net Worth

JT Gasso salary is $125 thousand per year.

Gasso had entered his third season for the Oklahoma Sooners in 2017. His salary was updated in his third season.

Previously, JT used to have a salary of $83.4 thousand with the Sooners. However, there is no information about whether his salary increased after that.

Interestingly, his mother, Patty Gasso, has a salary of nearly $1 million. Also, that includes her annual stay bonus of $200 thousand.

JT’s net worth is not known in exact figures. His earning details have not been disclosed to the public yet.

JT Gasso Wife: His Wedding Pictures

JT Gasso is married to his wife Andrea Harrison.

The two married in December 2015. 

Leah Amico uploaded Gasso’s wedding pictures on her Instagram. She is an Olympic gold medalist who had attended the wedding.

Also, Jt had announced his wedding with a Tweet.

JT’s wife has received All-American honors at UCLA. Also, he shares two children with his wife.

JT Gasso: Patty Gasso Son

JT Gasso is Patty Gasso’s son.

Patty is the head coach for the softball team at Oklahoma Sooners. She had joined the softball team in 1995.

Remarkedly, Patty has helped the Sooner to earn five national championships. In addition, she has a 79.7 winning percentage. 

Also, Patty has led the team to the regular season of Big 12 thirteen times. Also, they made it to the Big 12 Tournament eight times with her leadership.

Gasso was a softball player at California State University.

His Age and Wikipedia

Gasso’s age is unknown as of now.

His birth details have not been revealed publicly yet.

Also, Gasso is yet to have his bio on Wikipedia.

JT has been serving Oklahoma as an assistant coach for five seasons now. He focuses on improving the performance of the outfielders and the offense.

Interestingly, he has seen the Sooners clinch four regular-season titles at Big 13 during his tenure. Also, they have won the Big 12 Tournament twice while he has been serving here.

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