Juan Miguel Severo Scandal & Issue

Juan Miguel Severo Scandal- Sexual Harassment Case Explained

Juan Miguel Severo Scandal- Sexual Harassment Case Explained

Juan Miguel Severo harassment scandal is all over Twitter. Here’s everything you must know about Paolo Pangilinan relationship. 

Juan is a professional actor, writer, performer, and podcast host. Reportedly, he hosts his podcasts on Spotify.

As an actor, he has played in 24 different shows and as a writer, he has worked on four different projects. He is mostly famous for Heaven’s Waiting, Like In The Movies, and Meet Me Outside.

Everything To Know About Juan Miguel Severo Scandal & Issue

Juan Miguel Severo’s recent scandal has caused a huge issue on social media.

People have shown multiple emotions to the breaking news. Some of his fans have been backing him while some are shocked and want to cancel him right away.

Undoubtedly, Juan is one of the best speakers in the Philippines. However, after the news broke out, some unhappy fans are no longer supporting him.

However, some people want to know the actual truth. Thus, they believe that he is still not guilty and something needs to be proven about the scandal.

Moreover, Juan’s fans have flooded Twitter with multiple tweets coming every single hour. Clearly, people are confused with the recent issue and want it to be resolved as soon as possible.

Born on August 14, 1988, Severo is already 32 years old. Soon, he will celebrate his 33rd birthday in 2021.

Furthermore, we cannot find him on Wikipedia at the moment. Nevertheless, we can find him on IMDb.

The social media star is active on Instagram as @juanmiguelsevero. He has approximately 92 thousand followers there.

Paolo Pangilinan Harassment Case Explained

Juan Miguel Severo is said to have sexually harassed Paolo Pangilinan.

According to the recent tweets, people have lost respect towards Juan. Previously, they believed that he was an excellent writer and performer.

As of now, no video claims Juan had really harassed Paolo. Thus, some of his fans still have his back.

Moreover, we can confirm that Juan is alleged to sexually harass other three people. However, the truthness of the news is yet to be unveiled. 

Hopefully, the case will take a turn and we will know what’s actually happening between Paolo and Juan.

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