Judah Prehn Age, Birthday, Height And Instagram

Judah Prehn Age And Instagram: 10 Facts To Know

Judah Prehn Age And Instagram: 10 Facts To Know

Judah Prehn is a young and very talented actor who has incredible acting skills. Besides his young age, Judah Prehn acts like a professional actor which is praised by the audience. As per the data of the IMDB, Judaj Prehn has 5 credits as an actor.

Furthermore, Judah Prehn is a famous personality on the social media platform where he is appreciated and followed by many fans and followers. He came into the spotlight after his filming of the television series ‘Resident Alien’ where he has portrayed the role of ‘Max’. Here are 10 facts about Judah Prehn that you should not miss.

Quick Facts: Judah Prehn Age And Instagram: 10 Facts To Know

Name Judah Prehn
Gender Male
Height 4 feet 3 inches
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single
Instagram judahprehn
Twitter @JudahPrehn

10 Facts About Judah Prehn

  1. Judah Prehn is a young and extremely talented actor who has recently been playing the role of ‘Max’ in the television series ‘Resident Alien’, as per his IMDb. 
  2. The actor from Resident Alien, Judah Prehn does not have a Wikipedia profile.
  3. How old is Judah Prehn? We do not have the exact detail of his age but he seems to be at the age of 8-10 years old. His birthday detail is not known
  4. How tall is Judah Prehn? Judah Prehn has a height of 4 feet 3 inches with an average body weight.
  5. Furthermore, Judah Prehn has not revealed the details of his net worth. However, he has a good earning being an actor.
  6. Moreover, we have no information on Judah Prehn’s parents’ details including his parents and family members.
  7. We do not have the information on Judah’s nationality.
  8. On Instagram, Judah Prehn has 408 followers on Instagram profile. Similarly, he has a Twitter profile where he has not tweeted anything.
  9. Judah has been working in the movie industry since the year 2017.
  10. Finally, Judah had made a debut in the movie industry with the tv series ‘Adam Ruins Everything’.

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