Judge Drew Tipton Wikipedia, Wife, Age And Family

Who Is Judge Drew Tipton Texas? Family Facts To Know

Who Is Judge Drew Tipton Texas? Family Facts To Know

Drew Tipton is a judge of the United States District Court for Southern District of Texas. He was appointed by Trump and even after Trump is gone, he’s making things difficult for new president Joe Biden.

Quick Facts: Who Is Judge Drew Tipton Texas? Family Facts To Know

Name Drew Tipton
Birthday 1967
Age 53- 54
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Judge
Education Texas A&M University

Joe Biden came in hot with his progressive agendas and a deck of executive orders he signed in the very first days. Biden wanted to temporarily stop the deportation process for undocumented immigrants. While he was trying to sort out the immigration crisis, Judge Tipton barred him and issued a restraining order.

Now, Tipton has barred the enforcement of Biden policy for 14 days and it will be interesting to see what happens after that. Drew has been in the military as well and he is an openly Republican person. He is very qualified for his job and functions based on law.

10 Facts On Drew Tipton

  1. Drew Tipton’s age is a well known and documented fact. He is currently 53- 54 years old. Tipton looks young for his age group.
  2. He was born in 1967. Details about the exact day and month of his birth are unknown to date.
  3. Tipton was born in a place called Angleton in Texas. He is an American in terms of his nationality.
  4. Regarding his education, Tipton went to Texas A&M University for his Bachelor’s degree. He also went to South Texas College.
  5. According to Drew Tipton’s Wikipedia page, he served in the US military from the year 1988 to 1994.
  6. Drew is associated with Republican National Lawyers Association as well as American Bar Association.
  7. Tipton is a religious person and has been a member of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.
  8. Drew Tipton’s family details remain mysterious to date. We don’t know the names of his parents and siblings.
  9. Drew has barred Biden from executing his “100-day deportation Halt” policy which has increased his popularity.
  10. He doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter.

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