Judge Joe Harman Wife Wikipedia And Net Worth

Judge Joe Harman Resigns After Sexual Allegation: Who Is He?

Judge Joe Harman Resigns After Sexual Allegation: Who Is He?

Who is Judge Joe Harman wife? His wife’s name is still confidential for the fans. Judge Joe’s name has been the headline in today’s magazines. What happened?

Joe Harman is a popular NSW Federal Circuit judge since 2010.

He was appointed in the respected position in 2010, and he resigned from the post following inappropriate sexual behavior on Wednesday reported by ABC.

As per the source, one of the employees from the court has made a complaint against Joe Harman last year for sexual harassment. After that, a former law student has accused judge Harman of sexual assault. 

Joe Harman Wife: Is He Married?

Joe seems to be a married man. However, his wife’s identity is out of vision now.

Probably, he is living a peaceful life in Sydney with his partner and children’s whereabouts.

If you’re not aware, Judge Joe is a reserved kind of person. He keeps his personal life private and never shares any details related to his private life.

Joe Herman Wikipedia Biodata

Joe Harman has no legit Wikipedia page in the media despite his popularity. 

Even so, we can find his mini-bio on several news portals.

Well, after the swirling rumors of his uncivilized behaviour towards women has made his reputation down. 

We can’t deny the fact that it’s an ashamed situation for the entire Federal Circuit Court team. It’s inexcusable and unacceptable by the citizens.  

How Rich Is The Judge?

Joe Harman’s actual net worth and financial records are under review at the moment.

Since it has been decades since he has been in this field. As per our assumption, his yearly earning might have six figures or more than that.

Talking about his age, Harman’s exact age is unavailable lately. Perhaps, he is in his late 60.

Besides, he has mainly handled family law cases. Since August 2020, he has been on leave since the inquiry against him was started by the court members.

On June 30, Harman has given a notice of resignation to the court. Besides, the chief justice has personally met the two women and offered an unreserved apology.




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