Judith Keppel Net Worth 2020: Daughter, Age, Husband, Lips: How Old Is She?

How Much Is Judith Keppel Net Worth In 2020? Daughter And Family Facts

How Much Is Judith Keppel Net Worth In 2020? Daughter And Family Facts

Judith Keppel is a reality TV personality who is popular all over the world as the first-ever person to win the million pounds prize on the game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.’

Unlike many game show winners, she has managed to increase her wealth and remain wealthy. She has a multimillion-dollar net worth in 2020 and is featured on the new documentary ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: The Million Pound Question’. 

Name Judith Keppel
Birthday 18 August 1942
Age 78
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession TV Personality
Parents Walter Arnold Crispin Keppel; Aline Keppel
Net Worth £2 million
Married/Single Separated
Children Sibylla, Rosie, Alexander
Divorce from Desmond Leon Corcoran (1980)

10 Facts About Judith Keppel

  1. Judith Keppel’s net worth in 2020 is around £2 million as reported by the Express. Most of her wealth comes from her game show win but also from other TV appearances and quiz books.
  2. She has 3 daughters Sibylla, Alexander, and Rosie. All of her children are from her first husband Desmond Leon Corcoran who was an art dealer. She married Leon in 1964 and they got separated in 1980. 
  3. Similarly, she married Neil Shand in 1985, their marriage was short-lived as they have been separated since 1987. Neil used to be a comedy scriptwriter. 
  4. She once had a birthmark on the bottom right portion of her lip which she had removed surgically. She has also undergone various other plastic surgeries.  
  5. Keppel is famous all over the world as the first winner of the British TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. 
  6. She answered all 15 of the questions correctly, the last question was a tricky one as 3 of the 4 answers had the name ‘Henry’ in it. 
  7. The contestant won £1 million on 20 November 2000 20 years ago. She is the first winner in the UK and the 12th winner in the world. 
  8. She later appeared on Eggheads, another quiz TV show. 
  9. The contestant was working as a garden designer when she won the show. 
  10. In 2020, she was featured in the new docu-series ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: The Million Pound Question’.




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