Julia Carolann Tik Tok (Juliacarolann), Age, Job, Instagram

Julia Carolann

Julia Carolann

With an appropriate and worthy content in TikTok, one can be famous overnight with only one video. With such content, Julia Carolann became viral overnight when uploaded a video rating various Hollywood celebrities on the basis of her judgment while serving them as she worked as a waitress in Nobu restaurant in Downtown Manhattan.

Name Julia Carolann
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Profession TikTok star, Resturant Hostess
Married/Single Single
Instagram juliacarolann
Tiktok @juliacarolann

Julia Carolann seems sweet and sensitive person as she remembers every detail about her celebrity customers as she explains her interaction with them.TikTok star got a large number of viewers with just two videos and might be more famous if she uploads more such videos.


10 Facts on Julia Carolann

  1. With just one video of rating celebrity in TikTok, Julia Carolann has gone viral in a matter of hours.
  2. TikTok star also works as a waitress in many restaurants in Downtown, Manhattan.
  3. Julia Carolann has 3.6 k followers on Instagram and posts pictures of her adventures in many places.
  4. The restaurant hostess started her first ranking video in TikTok with 10/10 for Gigi and Bella Hadid.
  5. Julia Carolann rated Kylie Jenner with 2/10 as she mentioned that Kylie only tipped with $20 and Hailey Bieber with 3.5/10 based only on her behavior towards the staff in her visit.
  6. The TikTok star got a huge boost after her first video as she has 12.8 million views on her video posted 4 days ago in TikTok.
  7. Julia Carolann posted her second part of rating video where she gave 4/10 to Kendall Jenner which shows she did not have good interaction with Kardashian family so far,
  8. TikTok star rated Josh Peck and Nick Jonas with 10/10 and 8/10 with comments good about them and said was happy to meet them in person.

  9. Julia Carolann said to have been star-struck when she meets Beyonce and her expression showed that she was very happy for that moment to occur.
  10. The TikTok star had a huge jump on her viewer’s numbers after two videos which shows if she gives such videos frequently to her viewers can be more famous in the future.

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