Julie Bishop Plastic Surgery – Her Daughter, Husband And Children

Did Julie Bishop Have A Plastic Surgery? Meet Her Family And Daughter

Did Julie Bishop Have A Plastic Surgery? Meet Her Family And Daughter

Has Julie Bishop undergone plastic surgery? There are many rumors about her surgery. Here are details about her husband and daughter.

Julie Bishop is a former Australian Politician. She has served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2013 to 2018.

Furthermore, she was the Member of Parliament for Curtin until 2019.

During her two decades of a successful political career, she is also considered to be a fashionista.

There are many rumors about her having plastic surgery. We are here to makes things clear. Read until the end to know the truth.

Julie Bishop Plastic Surgery

Julie Bishop may have done plastic surgery.

There are many rumors about her doing plastic surgeries to look even more beautiful and younger.

However, we could not find any factual data or photos related to such rumors. Nevertheless, she has not spoken about such things publically.

Julie Bishop has been honored with her own Barbie Doll. for being an icon in Australian Politics.

She was the first woman in Australia to serve as minister for Foreign Affairs and the first woman to be deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

Bishop’s plastic surgery rumors may have arisen because the Barbie Doll has been historically criticized.

It is considered to be reinforcing stereotypes around gender and promoting an unrealistic body image.

Julie Bishop Husband

Julie Bishop was married to her husband Neil Gillon.

He is a famous property developer and a former politician.

They wedded in the year 1983. At that time, Miss Bishop was in her late twenties.

In an attempt to make their relationship successful, Gillon moved to Perth to live with his wife. However, their relationship lasted for only 5 years.

Julie Bishop’s partner is David Panton as of lately. He is a successful pharmacist and winemaker.

Her Children And Family

Julie Bishop does not have any children.

She has been asked about raising one on plenty of occasions.

In response to the repeated media inquiries, she has stated not to have one because she is at the peak of her professional career.

However, Julie Bishop considers David Panton’s daughter as her own.

Her name is Laura Panton. She is a model and the director of the medical supplies business, Pantonic Health.

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