Julie Hantson Age Wikipedia And Instagram: Pascal Obispo Wife

Julie Hantson Age: Meet Pascal Obispo Wife On Instagram

Julie Hantson Age: Meet Pascal Obispo Wife On Instagram

Julie Hantson is the wife of Pascal Obispo. Get to know her age and Wikipedia. Is she on Instagram?

Even though the singer, Pascal Obispo doesn’t go unnoticed every time he gets on the stage, he is quite conservative about his private life. And that includes the facts about his wife, Julie Hantson. 

The award-winning singer-songwriter has been married twice in his life. But it’s his second wife that became quite a wedding with hundreds of celebrities surrounding the bride and groom. 

Let’s get to know more about her. 

Julie Hantson Age: How old is she?

Julie Hantson is currently around 30 years of age. 

In an article published during their wedding, it was confirmed that she is actually 26 years younger than Pascal. As pascal is currently 56, her age probably is around the 30-mark. 

Born and raised in France, she herself is a well-established model. She flaunts her beautiful body on her Instagram handle which has thousands of followers. 

Pascal, who was initially married to Isabelle Funaro for eight years does seem to have a thing for models.  

Julie Hantson Wikipedia Bio: Get to know Pascal Obispo’s wife

Julie Hantson doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography of her own. But her husband has a well-decorated one.

Moreover, she and Pascal tied the knot in 2015 in a beautiful wedding ceremony surround by 400 guests. Their wedding was featured in several magazines in France. 

Besides, Julie Hantson is also a successful model herself. She is represented by Metropolitan Models Group. 

Meet Julie Hantson on Instagram

Julie Hantson has a wonderful Instagram presence. You can follow her Insta handle here. 

As of now, the model boasts about 39k followers on the platform. She has a verified account as well. Julie has made around 800 posts already. 

She is best known for being the wife of Pascal Obispo. Her husband is currently a coach in The Voice France. 

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