Justin Fatica Wikipedia Age, Wife And Net Worth: Hard as Nails

Who Is Justin Fatica? Everything On Co-Founder Of Hard As Nails Ministries

Who Is Justin Fatica? Everything On Co-Founder Of Hard As Nails Ministries

Many of us might wonder if Justin Fatica is on Wikipedia or not. He is not found on the official Wikipedia page. Let us learn more about him. 

Justin is the co-founder of Hard as Nails. Also, he has recently founded You Are Amazing. He is a Catholic speaker. He is considered the most influential Catholic speaker for teens. 

He has written about 5 books, and 2 of them are best sellers. He has influenced more than 2 million people till now. He is expected to be a great leader in the future.

Justin Fatica Wikipedia

Justin Fatica is not listed on Wikipedia yet. 

He is an American and currently lives in Syracuse, New York. Justin is an M.A. degree holder from Seaton Hall University.

He is a co-founder of Hard as Nails, and You are Amazing. Hard As Nails was founded in 2002. It is a ministry that speaks for Catholics and has influenced more than 2 million people.

Hard As Nails had become a subject of interest for tv programs like HBO. There is also a movie based on it.

According to the Amazing Nation, Justin has appeared in many tv shows like Good Morning America, TBN, EWTN, and many more. 

Moreover, he is also an author. He has written 5 books. Two of them, Hard As Nails: A Mission to Awaken Youth to The Power of God’s Love and Wint It All: The Wy to Heaven for Catholic Teens, have been best sellers.

Justin Fatica Age

Justin’s age is not explored to this date.

There is no actual data of his birthdate revealed.

He might be in his forties these days.

Justin Fatica Wife and Family

Justin Fatica is happily married to his wife, Mary Elizabeth Fatica.

There is relevant data on their wedding date. 

They have five children together. Other family details about him are not revealed yet.

See His Net Worth Details

Justin Fatica’s net worth is not revealed yet.

However, we assume that he has earned pretty well to live a well-balanced life. 

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