Kade Skye Wiki, Age, Height, Instagram, Parents, Net Worth, Nationality

Kade Skye

Kade Skye

Kade Skye is popularly known as a YouTuber who has his own channel under his own name Kade Skye and has already gained a total of 160 thousand subscribers there. Moreover, his YouTube videos have now gained a total of 14.7 million views already. 

Quick Facts: Kade Skye

Name Kade Skye
Birthday July 17, 2010
Age 10 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Siblings Jack Skye and Jazzy Skye
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kade_skye_official
Youtube Kade Skye

Although Kade is himself known as a YouTuber, he is more popular for his appearance on another YouTube channel called Kids Fun TV. Talking more about this channel, it has gained a total of 5.26 million subscribers and has surpassed nearly 1.7 billion views. 

10 Facts on Kade Skye:

  1. Kade Skye’s bio on a popular wiki called Famous Birthdays has reported that he usually makes videos that relate to challenges, games, and Minecraft.
  2. Moving on to Kade Skye’s age, he was born on July 17, 2010, which means that he is already 10 years old.
  3. At the moment, we are unknown about Kade Skye’s height, weight, and also his other body measurements. 
  4. Speaking about Kade Skye’s Instagram account, he has gained a total of 8.1 thousand followers and his username is @kade_skye_official. 
  5. Although we are unknown about Kade Skye’s parents, we do know that they are very supportive and in fact, they are the ones to handle all of his social media.
  6. Even though we are not aware of Kade Skye’s net worth, we have found out that his estimated yearly earnings range from $6.2 thousand to $99.7 thousand. 
  7. Since Kade Skye was born and raised in the United States of American, we can clearly state that he is of American nationality.
  8. Well-known as a YouTuber, his most popular video has been recognized to be the one where he gets off his braces. Statistically, he has earned more than 7 million views there. 
  9. Talking more about his family, he shares a total of two siblings – Jack Skye and Jazzy Skye who are both YouTubers.
  10. Moreover, his social media star siblings also appear in Kids Fun TV

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