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Who Is Kane Lim From Bling Empire? Parents And Facts To Know

Who Is Kane Lim From Bling Empire? Parents And Facts To Know

Kane Lim is a Singaporean-American investor and philanthropist who has been featured on Netflix’s show Bling Empire which showcases the lifestyle of some of the richest Asians that reside in Los Angeles, California.

Lim is said to be the son of a Singaporean billionaire but is a self-made millionaire and not just a spoilt brat with a rich father. Starting up his own business at the young age of 17, Kane Lim made his first million by the time he was 20.

Along with being a TV star now, Kane is a social media influencer and is heavily active on Instagram where he shows his luxurious life. The millionaire is rumored to have a shoe collection worth $300,000 as per Bustle.

Quick Facts: Who Is Kane Lim From Bling Empire? Parents And Facts To Know

Name Kane Lim
Age 30
Gender Male
Nationality Singaporean-American
Profession Investor, Philanthropist, Reality TV Star
Net Worth $20 Million
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kanelk_k
Tiktok @kanelim
Twitter @officialkanelim

10 Facts about Kane Lim

  1. Even though it is now a known fact that Kane Lim comes from a very rich family, his family has still remained anonymous as Kane himself hasn’t mentioned their name anywhere.
  2. According to our sources, Kane Lim is currently 30 years of age but details on his date of birth however are not available yet.
  3. Kane Lim was born in Singapore but moved to America at the of 17 to start his own business venture with a little help in the first investment from his father. 
  4. He is of Singaporean-American nationality and is of Asian ethnicity.
  5. Kane is a very private guy and mostly uploads photos of himself or his luxurious items therefore there is no information regarding his relationship status as of now.
  6. A part of Bling Empire, Kane Lim features alongside 11 other rich Asians that live in Los Angeles.
  7. It is rumored that Kane owns a lot of shopping malls in Thailand and Singapore.
  8. With such investments, according to TheCinemaholic, Kane Lim’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.
  9. Kane studied fashion in college and has impeccable taste so much so that celebrities like Rihanna follow him on Instagram.
  10. His Instagram @kanelk_k is a verified account with 143k followers and 5,785 posts.

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