Katharine da Costa BBC Wikipedia, Age: Husband, Salary And Family

Katharine da Costa BBC Wikipedia: Who is She Married To?

Katharine da Costa BBC Wikipedia: Who is She Married To?

Katharine da Costa from BBC is not on Wikipedia yet.

She is a respected journalist who currently serves as the Health Correspondent at BBC News. Before her Health Correspondent position, Katherine used to serve as a Senior Journalist Reporter at BBC News.

Katharine da Costa Age Explored

Currently, we do not have any clue about Katharine da Costa’s age. Analyzing her pictures, it seems that she is around her thirties right now, but this information is just a prediction based on her looks.

She had kicked off her career in April 2005, and to start a career, you will need to be at least 22 years old, which is a normal time for completing your graduation. So, 15 to 16 years from that time, it’s somewhat clear that she is around 35 to 39 years old. 

Quick Facts:

Name Katharine da Costa
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Journalist
Education Southgate School, University of Westminster, University of Birmingham
Twitter @KatharineDC

Facts On Katharine da Costa

  1. Katharine da Costa has not spoken about her husband yet. Thus, we are unsure about her married life currently.
  2. As a journalist, Katharine da Costa’s expected salary is probably in the thousands. However, the exact amount is yet to be revealed. 
  3. Just like many journalists, Katharine da Costa has kept her family life away from professional life. She doesn’t want her family to be a part of her professional life and wants a low-profile life. 
  4. With around 1.3 thousand followers, she is active on Twitter as @KatharineDC
  5. Originally from London, UK, and thus, she is of British nationality. However, we are unable to fetch her ethnicity.
  6. Apart from Twitter, we have failed to find her on any social media. In fact, we didn’t even find her on both Facebook and Instagram. The two most used social media in the world. 
  7. Moving on to Katharine’s education, she had attended Southgate School and completed her Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Westminster. Later, she earned a BA degree in English Literature from the University of Birmingham

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