Keith Bynum Bargain Block Age Wikipedia, Partner: Is He Gay?

Who is Keith Bynum From HGTV Bargain Block? Wiki And Family Details

Who is Keith Bynum From HGTV Bargain Block? Wiki And Family Details

Keith Bynum from Bargain Block is transforming homes from Detroit one by one. Here’s what we should know.

Professionally, Keith Bynum is recognized as a builder, designer, and artist. Currently, he is working as the owner of a firm named Nine Design and Homes, which focuses on providing elevated and affordable styles.

Since he had been very passionate about entrepreneurial development, Keith had started his own company when he was just 14 years old. He sold his first business and started investing himself in home renovations.

Who is Keith Bynum From HGTV Bargain Block?

Keith is a reality television star who appears in the HGTV show called Bargain Block.

According to Detroit News, he, alongside Evan Thomas and Shea Hicks-Whitfield, is focused on tearing down homes to the studs and renovating them to create affordable and fully furnished for the buyers.

Keith Bynum Age: How Old Is He?

Bynum age details have not yet been updated.

We can confirm that he is around his 40s. Working as a builder and designer, Keith’s net worth has increased in the past year. We believe that his worth is definitely not less than a million.

Is He Gay? His Partner Revealed

According to Detroit Curbed, Keith Bynum is dating his partner Evan Thomas for quite a long time.

However, there is no official statement to prove that Keith Bynum is gay.

Just like Keith, even Evan is passionate about building and restoring. In fact, he is professionally recognized as a builder and carpenter. 

The two are happy to have found each other. Since Keith is dating a guy, we can confirm that he has not got a wife. Well, he might marry his longtime partner Evan very soon. 

Is He On Wikipedia?

Well, Keith Bynum information is yet to be updated on Wikipedia.

However, we can find all of his details on Nine Homes‘ official site. According to his bio, he has helped the Detroit community by inspiring them to produce a more sustainable and economical approach towards restoration.

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