Kelly Wilkinson Husband Brian Johnston And Children: Everything To Know

Kelly Wilkinson Husband And Children: Family Details To Know

Kelly Wilkinson Husband And Children: Family Details To Know

Kelly Wilkinson husband has caused a huge rage on the Internet after the death of his wife. Many concerned communities feel sorry for the three kids, after the passing of the mother. 

Wilkinson is a mother of three, age 27, and a citizen of Australia living on the Gold Coast. She was murdered on Tuesday morning. 

Wilkinson loved her kids and was living both in the US and Australia.  

Who is Kelly Wilkinson Husband Brian Johnston? Children

Kelly Wilkinson Husband is a former US Marine, Brian Johnston, 35. 

Johnston was born in Wayne County, Ohio. 

They have three young kids aged from two to nine. They have been married for seven years. 

The names of their children have not been revealed. 

There are no such details about Kelly Wilkinson Husband, despite his work as an ex-US Marine, and his living in Australia with his wife and children.

Updates On Kelly Wilkinson Gold Coast Murder

Kelly Wilkinson’s dead body was found in her back yard, at her Gold Coast home early Tuesday morning. Her body was burnt, and she was claimed to be killed on fire set by her husband Brian Earl Johnston.


Kelly Wilkinson was domestically abused by her husband. 

Wilkinson’s death has been outrageous and many people around the Gold Coast have been mourning in anger. 

Neighbors reported loud noises coming out from the house early morning about 6:40 is. The police reported arriving after the neighbors called for help. 

Neighbors around Gold Coast feel triggered by the incident. 

Ms. Kelly has been receiving huge love and support from people. The family is overwhelmed by the supporters from the community.

Kelly’s sister Natalie set up a GoFundMe fundraiser and has raised $107,000 from communities to help her three young children and costs for managing Kelly’s funeral.

The Hidden Side of Brian Johnston: What Happened To Him? 

Brian Johnston is charged with murdering his wife Kelly Wilkinson, in Gold Coast. 

He was seen two blocks away from his house at the Arundel property and has been arrested by the police. 

Ms. Wilkinson’s dead body was found on the same block where Johnston was arrested by police on Tuesday. He has been remained in charge by the Police to date. 

He has also been accused of breaching the charges, and domestic violence. 


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