Kenneth Kaunda Net Worth House And Family

Kenneth Kaunda Net Worth And Family – What Happened To His Wife?

Kenneth Kaunda Net Worth And Family – What Happened To His Wife?

Kenneth Kaunda has left his net worth to his family and wife. He died at the age of 97. Find the details about his House and family.

Kenneth’s death has shed tears in Zambian politics. He served as the Zambian president for 27 years, playing a vital role in the country’s development and prosperity.

He died at the age of 97 on June 17, 2021. Reports claim that the cause of death was probably pneumonia. He was admitted to a military hospital in the capital, Lusaka, for treating pneumonia.

Kaunda lost his life at the same hospital.

One of the greatest achievements of his political career was Southern African nation won its independence from Britain.

Kenneth Kaunda Net Worth

Kenneth Kaunda probably had millions in his account.

Though the exact figure of his net worth is unknown, his lavish lifestyle showed he treasured a substantial fortune throughout his life.

Buzzlearn has cited his estimated net worth from $1 million to $5 million.

Kenneth is a former President of the Republic of Zambia. He served for 27 years as the President from 1964 to 1991.

Kenneth House: Where Did He Live?

Kenneth Kaunda lived in a house which was called the Shambalakale farm.

The farmhouse is nicknamed ‘The Forgotten Mansion.’ It is situated in Mafupa village, a few kilometers from Chinsali Boma, which Kaunda built-in 1971. A company called Zambia Engineering and Construction Company (ZECCO) built the house.

The mansion is well-furnished and has eight bedrooms, and features architectural marvel.

Kenneth Family Details

Kenneth Kaunda was born into an extended Zambian family.

He was the youngest of eight children.

His father, Reverend David Kaunda, was an ordained Church of Scotland missionary and teacher. Similarly, his mother was a teacher too.

They followed the Presbyterian religion, and they belonged to Bemba ethnic group.

He attended Rusangu University, one of the prolific institutes of Zambia.

In his early career timeline, Kaunda worked as a teacher at Upper Primary School and Boarding Master at Lubwa and then Headmaster at Lubwa.

Kenneth And His Wife Betty Kaunda

Late Kenneth Kaunda was married to his late wife Ketty Kaunda for 66 years.

They tied their nuptial knot back in 1946 and remained together until the death of Betty in 2012.

In the course of over six and a half-decade, the lovebirds welcomed eight children.

One of their children is Tilyenji Kaunda, a United National Independence Party( UNIP) until April 5, 2021.

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