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Kentucker Audley

Kentucker Audley

Kentucker Audley is a filmmaker and an actor who has been in the game for a while now and is genuinely trying to make a big career in the entertainment industry. He has worked alongside a lot of talented people and working with David Lowery must have been such an honor. Audley runs a blog that aims to show-case independent movies.

He is a filmmaker as well and loves to direct. He takes his films to numerous film festivals as that’s the way indie directors progress and get their films shown. He has been hustling and bustling and that has only increased his thirst for success.

Name Kentucker Audley
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kentuckeraudley
Twitter @KentuckerAudley
Youtube Kentucker Audley

10 Facts On Kentucker Audley

  1. Kentucker Audley has not revealed how old he is. His age is the information we can’t really say because he has chosen to not let anyone know that information.
  2. Similarly, we don’t have the slightest clue of his birthday and thus we are unaware of his zodiac sign also.
  3. He is an American in terms of nationality. He loves his country very much.
  4. Kentucker is not on Wikipedia and that’s why fishing information about him is a really hard job. Here’s to hoping he’ll get featured on Wikipedia real soon.
  5. We are also unaware of his height. He appears o be very well built and attractive in his Instagram pictures.
  6. Audley doesn’t have an enormous net worth as he is an independent director who hasn’t had much commercial success. But even then, we don’t know the acute figure.
  7. Audley has a website of himself that highlights his portfolio and check it out right here.
  8. We don’t really know if he has a girlfriend or not. Judging from his Instagram, he appears to be single.
  9. He has received reviews from The Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire. 
  10. Audley has 2772 followers on his Instagram account.

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