Kenyah Sandy Small Axe: Age, Birthday, Parents, Instagram

Kenyah Sandy Small Axe: Age, Birthday, Parents, Instagram

Kenyah Sandy Small Axe: Age, Birthday, Parents, Instagram

Kenyah Sandy has not been acting for a long time because he is a young guy and just getting started in acting. However, it must have been a really happy moment when he was cast in Steve McQueen Miniseries “Small Axe” produced by the BBC. Sandy has delivered a great acting performance in a few projects until now.

 To be directed by Steve McQueen at such a young age and acting alongside legends is something he will treasure as an actor. Le’s get to know this actor’s life and career in a bit more intimate way now…

Name Kenyah Sandy
Age 12
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single

10 Facts On Kenyah Sandy

  1. Kenyah Sandy is 12 years old currently and he has stumbled into fame because of his role in the highly anticipated film “Small Axe”.
  2. Details about his birthday are not available on the internet. It could be added in the future.
  3. Sandy’s details are not available on Wikipedia as well. He has not been doing acting since years and that’s why his Wiki page is still unavailable.
  4. Details about his height are still unknown. It will be inappropriate to objectify a 12-year-old which is why I just don’t want to write about his physical appearance.
  5. IMDB has a bio written about him but it says nothing more than Kenyah Sandy is known for acting in “Small Axe”. Click here to check it out for yourself.
  6. The names of his parents remain unknown to date. However, they could be known in the future if Kenyah keeps working hard enough. His ethnicity is also unclear.
  7. His project ‘Small Axe’ is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on December 18.
  8. Sandy is a very authentic and energetic performer. He has a sense of delivering his line like he just stumbled into the scene. In other words, he gives naturalistic performances.
  9. Kenyah Sandy is not on Instagram.
  10. He has been covered in many magazines and did interviews as this project is about to hit the screens.

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