Kevin McAlpine: Anna Nordqvist Boyfriend Turned Fiance: Are They Married? 2019

Who is Anna Nordqvist’s Boyfriend Turned Fiance Kevin McAlpine: Are They Married?

Who is Anna Nordqvist’s Boyfriend Turned Fiance Kevin McAlpine: Are They Married?

Kevin McAlpine was the boyfriend of golfer Anna Nordqvist until they got engaged and he became her soon to be husband. The couple is one of golf’s most adored pairs but they are yet to get married. 

Anna is an established star in golf, as a matter of fact, she has won multiple international trophies and over her more than decade long career, including U.S. Women’s Opens. Her soon to be hubby is also involved in golf, indeed, he is her tour caddie and has been with her all over the world. 

Former Boyfriend Kevin McAlpine Is Soon To Be The Husband Of Anna Nordqvist

Kevin McAlpine and Anna Nordqvist have been together since 2016. They met while Anna went on a golf tour. Kevin was her tour caddie and helped her carry her golfing equipment all over the world on tournaments and tours.

According to reports, they were friendly from the very beginning and started dating around the time Anna was competing in the 2016 US Women’s Open.

He was supporting her through the loss she faced in the competition and even helped her in her next major tour, The Evian Championship in France. After a while of dating, they were seen in public. After a lot of reports of them being together, the news was confirmed by the pair. 

According to an article in the Scottish Herald, he credits his work with Lexi Thompson for meeting Anna. As a matter of fact, Kevin helped Lexi Thompson make over $2 million. 

Kevin was also side by side with her when Lexi was the center of the *that* ANA Inspiration ruling. He caddied with her during the tournament where she lost her 2 shot lead. 

He has since changed provided his caddie services to Anna who has raked in over $9 million from the LPGA over the course of her career.

Are Kevin McAlpine And Anna Nordqvist Married?

Kevin McAlpine and Anna Nordqvist are not married as of 2020 but are engaged to one another. They got engaged in December 2018 and they have been together for over years as of September 2020.


They had planned to get married in 2020 as per Golfweek but their plans were ruined by the ongoing health crisis. Since then, they have moved their plans to get married to 2021. 

Anna and Kevin even joked about it saying that the hundred os personalized golf balls that they ordered for their wedding would end up in their bushes in 2020 as they had to golf in their own private residence. 

The golfer is from Sweden but has settled in the US and even went to college there. It seems Kevin and Anna will live together in the US after their marriage. 

Anna Nordqvist’s Age

Anna Nordqvist was born Anna Maria Nordqvist on 10 June 1987. She is 33 years old as of September 2020. She is Swedish and is originally from Eskilstuna, Sweden. 

Name Anna Nordqvist
Birthday 10 June 1987
Age 33
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity mixed
Profession Golfer
Net Worth $8 Million
Married/Single Engaged

She went to Arizona State University but dropped out midterm to pursue a career in golf. She won her first major tournament back in 2009, the McDonald’s LPGA Championship and the latest in The Evian Championship.

Kevin McAlpine: Birthday & Net Worth

According to Outlaw Tour, Kevin is 36 years old as of September 2020 and has been living in Scottsdale, Arizona, the USA with his wife for more than a year. 

Kevin McAlpine has not revealed the information of his net worth but he must be worth between $500,000 to $1 million. He did, however, say that he has his dream car the BMW M3 which costs around $66,500

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