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Magician Kevin Micoud Shocks The Judges On AGT: Everything You Need To Know

Magician Kevin Micoud Shocks The Judges On AGT: Everything You Need To Know

Magician Kevin Micoud shook the judges on AGT. Continue reading as we are going to reveal his age below.

Professionally, Kevin calls himself a mentalist. Thanks to his talent, the artist has been awarded multiple times. Since September 2008, he runs his own artist events company. Interestingly, he won a gold medal at the 2018 WCOPA World Championship.

Meet AGT Contestant Kevin Micoud

Kevin Micoud’s AGT act will be aired on NBC.

Reportedly, he had announced his participation in the 21st edition of AGT on April 25, 2021. Finally, we will be able to witness his magic tricks on July 13.

There’s no doubt Kevin has pulled off his act very well. Some local reports suggest that he is already into the next round.

Looking at his old videos on YouTube, we can claim that his acts are very professional. Most probably, the judges are going to be shocked after watching his performances.

Everything You Need To Know About Magician Kevin Micoud

Magician Kevin Micoud has been performing magic since he was young.

Reportedly, he is of French nationality. However, we have no clue about his ethnicity.

Nevertheless, he can speak English fluently. Moreover, he is more into stage and kids’ entertainment for a long period of time.

Rumors are suggesting that Kevin is gay. Since there’s no official statement yet, we can confirm that he is straight.

Kevin Micoud Age Revealed

Kevin Micoud’s current age in 2021 is 29 years old.

However, the mentalist hasn’t provided any details about his birthday yet. Also, we are trying to research his height, weight, and body measurements.

Clearly, magician Kevin has amazing earnings as a stage artist. Indeed, his net worth is in the thousands.

If Micoud wins the contest, he will have $1 million in his pocket. So, he has been working very hard to get the cash in.

Is Kevin Micoud On Wikipedia?

Kevin Micoud’s biodata will be on Wikipedia soon.

For now, you can visit his LinkedIn profile if you wish to learn more about him. Also, he has a personal website where you can find some additional facts about the magician.

Meet Kevin On Instagram

Kevin Micoud has 2.2 thousand followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, he has a YouTube channel where he has uploaded at least 60 videos. Also, he is on Facebook (13.3 thousand followers) and Twitter (4.1 thousand followers).

Well, the handsome man hasn’t revealed his love life on Instagram. He is continually active on social media to connect with his fans.

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