Kevin Paffrath Wikipedia Age, Wife And Governor: Meet Kevin Net Worth

Who Is Running For California Governor Election 2021? Meet Kevin Paffrath

Who Is Running For California Governor Election 2021? Meet Kevin Paffrath

Kevin Paffrath governor candidacy shocked everyone. Let us check out whether he will survive the race.

Kevin is a businessman and investor. He is a popular YouTube star recognized for his channel Meet Kevin.

Kevin Paffrath in Governor Race

Kevin Paffrath is in Governor’s race to replace Gavin Newsom.

Paffrath announced his candidacy for the Governor of California. He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel notifying his viewers about his official run for Governor. Also, he presented some of his plans for the state too.

Kevin will join a total of 25 other candidates for the CA Governor race. They all aim to dethrone Gavin Newsom, who has been in the office for over three years. Newsom is a Democratic Party politician.

Interestingly, Kevin has launched his campaign website, Meet Kevin. He presents an outline of the 20-Part plan on the website. His plans primarily target reducing the income taxes.

Kevin has shocked his viewers with this announcement. It is because Paffrath did not show any political interests and aspirations before this. Also, he had no attachments with any political organizations.

However, the key fact is that Kevin has a clear vision for California. And, it is all that matters for being a Governor.

Kevin Paffrath aka ‘Meet Kevin’ Net Worth

Kevin Paffrath’s net worth is around $25 million.

Paffrath makes most of his money through his YouTube Channel Meet Kevin. He has got over 1.6 million subscribers on the channel. Besides, he is an investor and a real estate broker.

CNBC reported he earned over $6 million in 2020 with his wife. Also, his Youtube channel alone earns him around $150 thousand a month.

Kevin reportedly came to California with $1000 in his pockets when he was 17 years old. It is a tremendous success that he is worth in multi-millions at present.

Kevin Wikipedia: His Age

Kevin Paffrath’s Wikipedia bio is not written yet.

But we all know he will soon have a well-decorated Wikipedia page.

Paffrath has reached 29 years of age.

Who is His Wife?

Lauren Paffrath is Kevin Paffrath’s wife.

CNBC had featured them as one of the highest-earning couples. The two own and run the Paffrath Organization. They share two sons, Jack and Max.

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