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Kevin Vance

Kevin Vance

Kevin Vance is a famous Canadian-American actor. He is famous for his work on some high edged action-thriller movies including Fury in 2014, Sabotage in 2014, and Suicide Squad in 2016.

Name Kevin Vance
Age 47 approx
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Married/Single Married
Children Yes
Twitter @KevinLVance

In most of his movies, Kevin Vance has appeared as an army officer or some serious-harmful Government agent who is deployed to uncover dirty secrets of the world. Well, if have watched some of his movies, you might have this thought in the back of your head; is Kevin Vance a real-life army man? 

If you guys had that question, then you are right. Yes, Kevin Vance is a real-life army man. Born in Canada and raised in the United States, Vance is a US military personnel. 

Here’s more to Kevin Vance’s story. Let’s get started.

10 Facts About Kevin Vance

  1. Kevin Vance is a veteran US military officer. His love and passion for movies made him into an action-oriented movie actor. His high edged action movies include Fury (2014) and Sabotage (2014).
  2. So far in his acting career, Kevin Vance has worked with some popular names in Hollywood including Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, and others.
  3. Born in Toronto, Canada, Kevin Vacne is a Canadian national. His ethnicity is white. 
  4. Though he was born in Canada to his white parents, Vance was brought up in the United States. He did his schooling and graduation in the US.
  5. Vance also severed in the US military for years. As seen on his IMDb bio, Vance is a US military veteran.
  6. As of 2020, Kevin Vance does not have a Wikipedia page. He is currently based in California, the United States as seen on his Twitter page.
  7. You can find Kevin Vance on Twitter as @KevinLVance. You can also find him on Instagram.
  8. As seen on his Instagram page, Kevin is a married man and a proud father as well. Meanwhile, he is yet to disclose the identity of his wife and kid.
  9. You can find pictures of his baby girl on his Instagram page.
  10. The veteran army officer has an attractive height. He stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall. In 2020, he could be around 47 years of age.

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