Kid 90: Andrew Dorff Wife Wiki And Cause of Death: What Happened?

What Happened to Andrew Dorff? Kid 90 Doc says it all

What Happened to Andrew Dorff? Kid 90 Doc says it all

Andrew Dorff kid 90 Wife: Cause of death explored. Learn details about his Wiki and last days on earth.

‘Kid 90’, The new documentary by Soleil Moon Frye, features later songwriter Andrew Dorff. Andrew Dorff was a musician based in Nashville. His notable songs include My Eyes and Save It For Rainy Day. Sadly, he passed away in 2016.

Andrew Dorff Wife: Family Life Explored

Andrew Dorff’s wife was never disclosed.

The singer was born to parents: Steve Dorff and Nancy Dorff. His father was a renowned Grammy-nominated musician. Likewise, Andrew Dorff’s family consists of his brother, Stephen Dorff. Stephen is a popular American actor known for Blade (1998).

Though Andrew was surrounded by fame and fortune, he preferred to live a reserved life. He did have some flings and short relationships in the past. However, Dorff was single at the time of his death.

Andrew Dorff Wiki Discovered

Andrew Dorff Wiki is not available on the web.

His birthday fell on December 16, 1976. Andrew was born in Los Angeles, where his father was working at the time. Besides, he was raised as half Jewish and half Catholic. Moreover, he was just 40 years old at the time of his death. 

Andrew later moved to Nashville to pursue his musical career. He wrote songs for renowned singers like Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney. Therefore, Andrew Dorff generated a handsome net worth during his living days. 

Andrew: Kid 90 Cause of Death Revealed

Andrew Dorff cause of death still remains hidden.

On December 19, 2016, Andrew Dorff passed away during a vacation in Turks and Caicos. According to reports, he was spotted in a Jacuzzi lying on his back. Moreover, Andrew was apparently drunk, and someone also took him to the beach. 

The new documentary “Kid 90” also features Dorff’s sad story. In fact, Andrew was very good friends with the filmmaker, Soleil Moon Frye. However, the particular details relating to Andrew’s death still remain undercover. 

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