Kill All Men TikTok Video

Kill All Men TikTok Video – 11 Year Old Boy Killed Himself Because of TikTok KAM

Kill All Men TikTok Video – 11 Year Old Boy Killed Himself Because of TikTok KAM

Kill All Men (TikTok) is a controversial yet viral trend that has swept through all of social media, as the name suggests, the challenge is about killing all men, it gets worse from there. It all started when a woman named Jenny McDermott, called for all male babies and children all over the world to be killed.

The so-called KAM challenge has become a widely disputed topic mostly due to the disturbing and frankly disgusting trend, however, there was also an incident of the challenge that almost caused an 11-year-old boy’s death. 

Ever since the start of TikTok, there have been a lot of trends, mostly they are light-hearted or in good fun but there are times when something really unsettling trends on the app too like this challenge. 

Kill All Men, TikTok’s New Man-Hating Trend

It is pretty obvious what the phrase and challenge is all about from the name itself. The Kill All Men challenge started and became a phenomenon after Jenny McDermott posted a video online on which she said she was fed up of being a ‘baby factory’ for men and puts an immense focus on the fact that she wants only female members of the human race to survive. 

Further, she says that all male babies should be killed and any man walking down the street should also be eliminated. Jenny’s video was equal parts confusing and horrific. Many thought she was serious and many claimed she was joking when the video was first uploaded. 

At the time no one knew she was joking, Jenny herself posted a follow up on which she said that the video was a joke and would not be taken seriously, however, it was too late as by then the KAM trend had already gone viral on social media. 

The original video has since been taken down as a huge number of people flagged it has hate speech. her YouTube account has also been blocked as per Distractify.

While, it may have been a joke some people started taking it seriously. Many people berated jenny for ‘man-hating’ and she was also supported by a substantial number of ‘feminazis’ that supported the idea of killing all men. Especially on social media like Twitter where the people are discussing the trend. 

This led to some pretty distasteful content on TikTok, the company has removed most of the videos about killing men as it goes against their community standards. Even the #killallmmen has been emptied. There has also allegedly been a tragic incident relating to an 11-year-old boy, read below. 

11 Year Old Boy Allegedly Tried To Kill Because of TikTok KAM

An 11-year-old boy allegedly tried to kill himself after being exposed to the Kill All Men TikTok trend. The story is still developing as per this source. As per some reports which are yet to be verified the boy attempted suicide on September 9, 2020. 

Rumors are a group of girls told him to kill himself and he attempted suicide. 

The news has also not been confirmed, as a matter of fact, people on Twitter are claiming it is a hoax, 

According to some online sources, there are only 2 accounts that talked about the boy’s attempted suicide, and no news sites have reported it either.

While the news has not been verified, there is still a chance that the trend may have a negative effect on young people and especially younger men. 

There might also be a retaliation of men who feel they have been attacked, all in all, the trend is vile and is a joke that turned into one of the worst trends of 2020, but it is 2020 and we can’t expect anything but bad news. 

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