Kitano Matsunaga Wikipedia – Elize Matsunaga Husband Net Worth & Familia

Who Was Elize Matsunaga Husband Kitano Matsunaga? Everything To Know

Who Was Elize Matsunaga Husband Kitano Matsunaga? Everything To Know

Is Kitano Matsunaga on Wikipedia? No, he is not found on Wikipedia. Here is everything to know about him. 

Kitano wife Elize reportedly shot her husband multiple times in their Sao Paulo apartment.

According to Elize Matsunaga’s defense attorney, the 38-year-old killed and dismembered her businessman husband Marcos because he threatened to petition for custody if the couple separated.

Kitano Matsunaga Wikipedia

Kitano Matsunaga is absent on Wikipedia. 

He is a Brazilian businessman and CEO of Yoki food group company, which his family ran.

Matsunaga met his wife Elize in 2004 through a social networking site, where she offered herself as a prostitute. Further, he was already a married man and later divorced his wife in October 2009 to marry Elize. 

Elize lived as the executive’s mistress for three years, without Marcos’ wife suspecting the case. 

In late 2010, Elize became pregnant, and after the birth of the couple’s daughter, the fights were alleviated. The woman had returned to mistrust her husband’s fidelity in the last few months before the crime. 

How Much Is Kitano’s Net Worth?

Kitano Matsunaga’s net worth has not been discovered. 

Further, as a businessman, and a CEO of a food company, he certainly makes a huge fortune out of his business. 

He must be the owner of the million-dollar company and had lived a luxurious life. 

Kitano Matsunaga Familia 

Matsunaga family owns Yoki Food company. 

Later the company was passed down to sole heir Marcos Kitano Matsunaga. 

Marcos’ grandfather founded the company in the 1960s, transferring control of the company to Marcos after finishing his studies. 

Learn About Kitano Matsunaga Death & Obituary 

The reasons for killing her own husband remain a mystery, but it is thought her actions were despite an argument.

Her husband was murdered in 2012 in their Sao Paulo apartment before dismembering his body into a plastic bag and scattering them alongside a nearby road, 20 miles from where the couple lived.

Moreover, there is no news about his obituary mentioned on any social networking sites, nor his colleagues have given any tribute to the CEO after his death. 

Furthermore, NETFLIX has announced one of its most horrifying crime docuseries, exploring the notorious murder of Marcos Matsunaga, who was brutally killed by his wife, Elize Matsunaga.

The series also follows the aftermath, from her attempts to cover up the murder to the confession, including the arrest and trial in 2016.

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