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Who Is Alla Wolf-Tasker? Everything On Her Wikipedia And Husband

Who Is Alla Wolf-Tasker? Everything On Her Wikipedia And Husband

Alla Wolf Tasker Wikipedia profile is on the radar of many fans. Her contributions to Australia’s hospitality business are widely praised.

Alla is the executive chef, owner, and founder of the renowned Lake House in Daylesford, Australia.  She opened the restaurant in 1984 and now is regarded as one of the best in the country. Furthermore, she is also an author and reality TV star.

Alla Wolf Tasker Wikipedia and Age

Alla Wolf Tasker does not have a Wikipedia biography yet.

But, she does have a Twitter bio with over 7.5k followers. You can follow her Tweets as @wolfinkitchen. Furthermore, the hospitality pioneer boasts 15.7k followers on her Instagram handle @wolfinkitchen.

Alla Wolf-Tasker is 70 years old in age.

The culinary enthusiast is a native of Austria. Likewise, Alla was born to Russian parents. However, the whole family immigrated to Australia when she was just a child. 

Know Alla Wolf-Tasker Husband: Is She Married?

Alla Wolf-Tasker is married to her husband and partner, Allan.

Unlike Alla, Allan is more inclined towards art. In fact, he is a painter and builder by profession. Nevertheless, he does support his wife’s business at the Lake House in Daylesford. 

Alla Wolf-Tasker’s other family members include her daughter Larrisa. Likewise, Larrisa is involved in charge of marketing at Lake House.

In the November of 2019, Alla was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Moreover, the pandemic also hit her business hard along with the intensive chemo she had to go through. Yet, she has only emerged stronger and doesn’t plan to retire soon. 

How Much Net Worth Does She Own?

Alla Wolf-Tasker yields a decent net worth.

Till now, Wolf-Tasker has won multiple national as well as international awards. Her most notable recognitions include the 2012 Age Good Food Guide Legend Award.  Similarly, Lake House was named Tatler London’s Top 100 hotels in the world. 

She is also a member of the Order of Australia team since 2007. Prior to that year, she released her famous book “Lake House – A Culinary Journey in Country Australia”.  

Apart from this, Alla makes regular TV appearances. She has appeared as a guest judge in MasterChef Australia (2010-2018).

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