Kortne Stouffer Update Wikipedia: Parents And Family Details

Where Is Kortne Stouffer Now? Update And Wikipedia

Where Is Kortne Stouffer Now? Update And Wikipedia

Kortne Stouffer was a dog groomer and beautician. Also, she used to work for her fathers’ company. Despite being involved in multiple jobs, she was yet to decide the direction of her career.

Like most of us, Kortne, then-21 years old, was a typical youngster trying to know what suited her the most. Even though she was a hard worker, she was a party animal too.

Kortne Stouffer Update 2021: Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, there’s no update on Kortne Stouffer as she has not been found yet.

However, there have been big questions raised about her friends and neighbors. Kortne used to live with her boyfriend, Brad Herr. On July 28, 2012, her boyfriend was arrested for drink-and-drive.

She confronted the neighbors, thinking that Brad would be sentenced because of their call. She returned home late alongside a friend named Cody Pruett, and the two immediately fell asleep.

When Cody woke up, Kortne was already missing, but he didn’t bother thinking she was sleeping in the other room. Later, Cody was also arrested, but the police found nothing.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Sadly, there’s no Wikipedia page assigned about Kortne Stouffer’s missing.

However, we can find about her from The Cinemaholic. Furthermore, her missing story has been featured on Disappeared, an Investigation Discovery television show. You can watch the episode called Spirited Away, which showcases everything about her.

Her Parents And Family Details Explored

Kortne Stouffer’s parents, Wendy Stouffer and Scott Stouffer‘s mind has been boggled after their daughter’s sudden disappearance.

On July 29, 2021, she was supposed to attend a local fair with her family. When her mother found out that she didn’t attain the fair, she visited Kortne’s home on July 30. Sadly, she wasn’t there, and the only thing Wendy found was Kortne’s pet dog.

Nobody knows where he is now. Hopefully, she will be found one day.

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