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Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray is an American actress who has been known for her roles in different theatre shows. She has not done a lot of movies but has been part of many theatre productions. Classically trained, her acting showcases her passion and her wards certainly show how great her career has been.

Ray is like a chameleon as she transforms in every role and finds the character as she develops it from inside out. Reading outlines and finding the text is really important for her as it is one of the cornerstones of the classical method of acting

Name Kristi Ray
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Married
Education New York Film Institute
Instagram kristirayofsunshine

10 Facts On Kristi Ray

  1. Kristi Ray doesn’t have a Wikipedia. However, you can check out her IMDB profile– the closest thing to her Wikipedia.
  2. Ray was born in North Carolina and spent a lot of her childhood there.
  3. Kristi Ray’s age has not been known for quite a while. That’s because Ray has never talked about it publicly.
  4. According to IMDB, Kristi Ray has been endowed with an average height of 5 feet 3 inches.
  5. Ray has been known for her roles in indie movies. That’s why her movies haven’t been a global blockbuster hit. However, she isn’t opposed to playing in those kinds of movies either.
  6. Kristi Ray doesn’t have a boyfriend currently. The only reason is that she just married her boyfriend recently.
  7. Ray has a husband whose name we don’t know. Look at this sweet picture she shared via her Instagram.
  8. Kristi doesn’t have any children yet but she loves to take care of their pet dog with her husband.
  9. Ray was trained in acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre. After that, she went to New York Film Institute to sharpen her skills even further.
  10. Kristi Ray is on Instagram as “@kristirayofsunshine” and has 2693 followers.

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