Kseniya Vasilevskaya Age – Meet Andrei Vasilevskiy Wife On Instagram

Kseniya Vasilevskaya Age – Meet Andrei Vasilevskiy Wife On Instagram

Kseniya Vasilevskaya Age – Meet Andrei Vasilevskiy Wife On Instagram

Who is Andrei Vasilevskiy wife? She is Kseniya Vasilevskaya.

Andrei lifted his second Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay Lightning in 2021. Likewise, he also took the Conn Smythe Trophy for his outstanding performance on the rink. 

The NHL star ended the day with a celebration with his partner. In fact, Andrei had previously described his life as “Just Hockey and Family.” 

Who is Kseniya Vasilevskaya ? Meet Andrei Vasilevskiy Wife

Kseniya Vasilevskaya is the wife of Andrei Vasilevskiy.

The couple has known each other for over a decade now. In fact, Kseniya and Andrei met each other during a plane ride to Moscow in 2009.

Coincidentally, the future husband and wife sat next to each other. Shortly after, the love spark ignited between the two, and they decided to keep in touch even after the 2 hours flight.

In 2014, Kseniya tied the wedding knot to Andrei. Now, they even have a son named Lukas together. Similarly, Lukas was born on the day of New Years’ Eve 2015, a few weeks earlier than his expected date.

Kseniya Vasilevskaya Age 

Kseniya Vasilevskaya is around the age of her 20s.

We speculate that Kseniya is similar to her spouse’s age, who will turn 27 years old this year. The couple was both in their early 20s when they got married. Therefore, the wife is definitely around her late 20s as well.

Kseniya Vasilevskaya is from Moscow, Russia. Thus, Kseniya Vasilevskaya is of Russian nationality and ethnicity. But, she currently lives with her husband in South Tampa, Florida, United States. 

Meet Her on Instagram

Kseniya Vasilevskaya doesn’t have an Instagram profile.

The athlete’s wife is actually a very private person and rarely makes a public appearance. Nevertheless, you can see her Andrei’s Instagram as @andreivasilevskiy88.

Kseniya is absent from Wikipedia bio. 

She is living a lavish life. It is estimated that Kseniya shares nearly $8 million with her partner.

Andrei is playing as the goaltender for Tampa Bay Lightning since 2012. In 2019, he signed 8 years of a contract worth $76 million with Lighting. 

Besides NHL, Andrei also plays for his national Hockey team of Russia. 

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