Kwasi Kwarteng Wife Solicitor Harriet Edwards

Kwasi Kwarteng Wife Solicitor Harriet Edwards: Everything You Need To Know

Kwasi Kwarteng Wife Solicitor Harriet Edwards: Everything You Need To Know

Kwasi Kwarteng wife is the city solicitor Harriet Edwards. The couple tied the knot in December 2019. 

Who is Kwasi Kwarteng?

Kwasi Kwarteng’s full name is Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng.

Kwasi was born in Waltham Forest in 1975.  Kwasi’s mother was a barrister, and his father worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat as an Economist.

Kwarteng worked as a journalist for The Daily Telegraph and as a financial analyst at JPMorgan Chase. He worked in various investment banks and financial institutions before becoming a member of parliament.

He is a writer too. He wrote Ghosts of Empire which is a book about the British Empire’s history. It was published by Bloomsbury in the year 2011. Kwasi Kwarteng is a British politician. He has been currently appointed as Secretary State For Business.

Kwasi And His Wife Harriet Edwards

Kwasi Kwarteng was previously dating former Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd. But now he has married Harriet Edwards in 2019.

Harriet Edwards Age and Family

Kwasi Kwarteng’s age is 45 years old. But his wife’s age is not known to the public. It is assumed that she is in her early or mid-30s.

There is no information about Harriet’s family. But Kwasi Kwarteng’s family, his parents migrated from Ghana to the United Kingdom in 1960 as students.

Kwasi is the head of the Energy and Industrial Strategy. He has been a member of the Parliament since 2010.

Kwarteng has worked at the Department for Exiting the European Union as the Under-Secretary of State. He got his promotion as the Minister of State for Business in the year 2019.  

Harriet Edwards Wikipedia

Harriet Edwards is not mentioned in Wikipedia. But her husband has been mentioned in Wikipedia. Kwasi Kwarteng completed his studies at Colet Court.

He also attended Eton College and was awarded the Newcastle Scholarship at Eton College. 

Harriet’s husband Kwarteng started his career as a columnist at The Daily Telegraph. Kwasi also worked as a financial analyst before he joined the parliament. He is associated with Conservative Party.

Harriet studied Human Biology at the University of St. Andrews. She did her Legal Practice Course at Liverpool John Moores University. She did her Graduate Diploma from the University of Law.

Harriet Edwards Net Worth 

The exact net worth of Harriet is not available on the internet. Harriet’s income source is as the solicitor. The primary source of his income is not other than as a Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. 

The net worth is Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng is not known. Similarly, Harriet’s net worth is also not public. 

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