Kylie Strickland Boyfriend Age Mugshot And Instagram

Why was Cody Weems Arrested? Meet Kylie Strickland Boyfriend On Instagram

Why was Cody Weems Arrested? Meet Kylie Strickland Boyfriend On Instagram

Cody Weems was arrested by Thomaston Police on Sunday. What is the reason behind this? To know, you must continue reading this article.

Cody Weems is popularly known for being the boyfriend of Kylie Strickland, a TikTok star and an aspiring internet personality. She is globally known for her TikTok account under the name @kyliestrickland3. It has over 1 million followers as of April 2021. 

Moreover, Cody has been the headline in today’s magazines due to his abusive behavior towards his girlfriend. Just a few days ago, Cody’s girlfriend shared a video on TikTok.

In the video, she showed how badly she was abused by her partner. Her eyes were swelling, and various other bruises on her body. In short, she was in an abusive relationship for a long time.

Cody Weems Arrested And Charged Seven Offences 

Cody Weems has been arrested for domestic violence. 


It isn’t as easy for everyone & I pray my abuser is found & im kept safe. ##domesticabuseawareness ##domesticabusesurvivor

♬ You should be sad – Halsey

As per the reports from Al, Cody was charged with seven assaults by police. He was charged with aggravated assault and six other charges. 

Not much is known about him right now. Perhaps, the police are investigating his family background and other details.

Cody Weems Mugshot Unveiled

Cody’s mugshot (photograph) has already been displayed on the web. 

As of now, Cody is in police custody. No doubt, Kylie is a survivor. She was so much delighted after knowing that Cody is in prison. 

Kylie regularly posts her recovery post and entertaining lipsync videos on TikTok. The video that she had shared while she was in hospital has 127.9k likes, and it has a million views so far.

Is She On Instagram?

Alabama native Cody Weems is currently unavailable on social media outlets.

We can’t track his Instagram accounts lately. It looks like she is unavailable on Twitter and Facebook as well. 

Kylie’s boyfriend, Cody, is 29 years of age at present, as per the source. Whatsoever, his nationality is American for sure. 

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