kyliebitkin Transgender, Age Wikipedia, And Twitter Net Worth

Is kyliebitkin Transgender? Everything To Know About This Twitch Streamer

Is kyliebitkin Transgender? Everything To Know About This Twitch Streamer

Is Kyliebitkin transgender? Many of her fans and viewers have been curious about the gender of the streamer. 

Kyliebitkin is a Twitch streamer who mostly streams GTA 5 RP. 

She has been a Twitch partner since February 11, 2019, and had joined NoPixel on June 4, 2019. 

The streamer has around more than 155k subscribers on her Twitch account @kyliebitkin so far. 

Moreover, she has 3 characters in the game but is know for “Brittney Angel,” a cop from Los Santos Police Department. 

Is Kyliebitkin Transgender?

Kyliebitkin is a transgender woman. 

She was born a boy. It seems she later changed her gender. 

Transgender people are always targeted in some way or another. 

The streamer had been harassed on the internet multiple times. 

For instance, once, she was verbally abused by many of the XQc fans after shooting XQc in a game.

She was banned temporarily for 3 days by NoPixel, presumably due to the incident with XQc. 

Among many comments, some criticized her for RPing as a woman, saying she is not an actual woman. 

Kyliebitkin Wikipedia and Age

Kyliebitkin has not been featured on Wikipedia yet. 

On the other hand, she has a page on NoPixel Fandom dedicated to her. 

From there, we came to learn that Kyliebitkin is 24 years of age and is American by nationality. 

Other than that, nothing about her family and personal life has been disclosed anywhere.

Meet Her on Twitter

Kyliebitkin is active on Twitter @KylieBitkin with more than 18.1k followers. 

From her Twitter, we learned that she has a pet cat whom she adores a lot.

The streamer is considerably getting more and more popular these days. 

Furthermore, she also runs a Youtuber channel with over 2.58k subscribers, and she is also on Instagram @kyliebitkin.

What is Her Net Worth?

There is no information on Kyliebitkin’s net worth. 

Given her popularity, her net worth is estimated to be valued in thousands of dollars. 

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