Kyree Walker Car Accident, Did He Die?

Kyree Walker Had A Car Accident- Here’s An Update

Kyree Walker Had A Car Accident- Here’s An Update

Basketball fans from around the globe are searching for Kyree Walker car accident updates. Is the player dead or alive? 

Waler, 20, is an American basketball player who is signed with the training program Chameleon BX.

He played for Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California, and has rejected multiple college offers for his plan to enter the NBA.

However, lately, his car accident and death rumors have spread like a fire everywhere on Twitter and Instagram.

Kyree Walker Car Accident Update

Kyree Walker has been in a dangerous car accident, as per several sites.

The news is circulated all over Twitter by his fans. However, no reliable sources have published about his death.

Many wiki sites have posted about his car accident and have mentioned that the sources are from his parents. But we know that the sources are not reliable and cannot make fierce announcements out of it.

Did Kyree Walker Die In The Accident?

We don’t think Kyree is dead as he is seen posting stories on Instagram.

On the contrary, few pages have posted about his obituary.

We saw a person named Mark Jackson tweeting about Kyree Walker’s car accident and death on September 20, 2017.

He also mentioned that the news source is from his parents and expressed his condolences.

However, that was entirely a hoax, and Kyree did not die in a car accident in 2017.

However, the hoax has again been spread this time, and strangely, Kyree’s verified Instagram and Twitter handle are seen posting rest in peace messages about himself.

His fans are commenting on those posts wishing this to be just another hoax.

More About Kyree Walker

Kyree was born on November 20, 2000, in the U.S. He started his basketball career while he was in grade eight.

He has an African descent. Surprisingly, His father, Khari, was also a basketball coaching staff.

Moreover, in 2018, walker’s mother, Barrisa Gardner, was diagnosed with breast cancer but achieved remission in the following months. 

The Walker family is very proud of their son’s achievement and wishes him luck for the days to come.

Furthermore, we really hope that the news of his car accident and death comes out to be a hoax.

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