Lady Susan Brooke Racehorse Trainer: Wikipedia Age And Husband

Who is Lady Susan Brooke Racehorse Trainer? Everything To Know

Who is Lady Susan Brooke Racehorse Trainer? Everything To Know

Lady Susan Brooke is a racehorse trainer who recently lost her beloved daughter, Lorna Brooke.

She had been training her daughter since she turned professional. According to The Guardian, she fell from Orchestrated, trained by nonother than Lady Susan herself.

Her death was confirmed in a hospital on April 19, 2021, after she fell from the horse in early April. Her family is trying to organize a private funeral because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who Is Lady Susan Brooke Racehorse Trainer?

Lady Susan Brooke is a racehorse trainer who has secured seven wins from 225 starts. 

She was heartbroken when she lost her own daughter, Lorna Brooke, during one of her games. Her future to continue her career seems unknown. In fact, Lady Susan has not come forward to speak about her daughter yet.

Right now, we request everyone to provide her with enough space so that she can recover from her daughter’s loss. We hope Lorna’s departed soul will rest in peace.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Lady Susan Brooke’s details are currently unavailable on Wikipedia.

However, we can find her bio and stats on Racing TV. We have come to know that her daughter, Lorna, had raced in more than 300 events for her.

Apart from that, she even used to ride for some other trainers. In fact, she had actually started her career racing for some other trainers in the early 2000s.

Lady Susan Brooke Age: How Old Is She?

Lady Susan Brooke’s age in 2021 remains a mystery.

However, we know that her daughter was 37 years old when she passed away. As per our predictions, Lady Susan should be at least 55 years or above.

Everything To Know About Her Husband

Since Lady Susan Brooke has a daughter, we believe that she is married and has a husband.

However, the woman herself has not revealed anything related to her married life until today. Also, we do not know about her other children apart from Lorna.

Moving on, we can confirm Lady Susan’s nationality as British. However, we are unsure about her ethnicity.

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