Lando Norris Mother Age And Wikipedia

Who Is Lando Norris Mother Cisca Wauman? Everything To Know

Who Is Lando Norris Mother Cisca Wauman? Everything To Know

Cisca Wauman is the mother of Lando Norris. She has raised her son to be one of the best Formula One racing driving at the current times.

Lando Norris’ mother is no different from other mothers. She often ensures her son time after time on the race tracks and is often seen on tracks.

Her son Lando is set to make his mark on the Austrian GP. His race is scheduled for July 4, 2021, at the Red Bull Ring tracks.

Cisca Wauman: Lando Norris Mother Wikipedia

Cisca Wauman has no Wikipedia bio.

She is Belgian by Nationality and is from the Flanders region of Belgium.

Wauman married Adam Norris, who is is a retired pensions manager. 

Adam Norris is currently into investments. He is the current CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd.

Lando Norris is very close to his mother. He often shares pictures with her on his Instagram profile.

For now, we are unable to track her on Social media. However, we know that Lando Norris is active on Instagram with the username “landonorris”.

Until today the account has amassed more than 3.3 million followers.

Cisca Wauman Age

Cisca Wauman’s age is not known.

However, if we analyze her photographs, she seems to be in her fifties.

Cisca Wauman’s name is Belgian is nee Wauman.

Cisca Wauman Net Worth

Cisca Wauman’s net worth is not public.

However, her son Lando Norris’ net worth is $3 million as of 2021.

He is one of the new stars of F1 and with the million-dollar contract he is building a fortune.

Nevertheless,  Wauman’s husband Adam Norris is one of Bristol’s richest people and the 501st-richest in the country.

Her Parents And Family Details

Cisca Wauman’s parents are Belgian.

However, we do not have detailed information about them on the web.

Cisca Wauman’s family includes three more children. Her two young daughters are Flo and Cisca Norris.

Likewise, her eldest son is Oliver Norris. The brother of Lando Norris is involved in karting on a competitive level.



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