Larry McMurtry Wife Wiki And Children

Norma Faye Kesey: Who is Larry McMurtry Wife?

Norma Faye Kesey: Who is Larry McMurtry Wife?

Norma Faye Kesey is the wife of an American novelist, Larry McMurty. Know about her age and family. 

The famous novelist and storyteller, Larry McMurty is no more with us. The Oscar-winning screenwriter met his demise on March 25, 2021. He died at the age of 84, leaving behind a wonderful and cherishable career for us to witness. 

Larry was best known for co-writing the movie, Brokeback Mountain. Moreover, the author had written 29 movies and wrote the screenplay for more than 30 movies until now. He will be remembered for his deeds. 

Norma Faye Kesey Age: How old is Larry McMurty’s wife?

Norma Faye Kesey has not shared her age until now. 

Unlike her husband, she wasn’t much in the limelight. Matter of fact, she hated to be in the spotlight and led a simple life despite being a celebrity family member. 

Hence, there are very limited facts known about her to date. 

Kesey Wiki and Children

Norma Faye Kesey doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography of he own. 

However, she has several mentions on her husband’s wiki.

Talking about her family, she doesn’t have any children.  Her husband was, of course, an acclaimed figure in Hollywood. 

There is not much information on her parents and siblings either. She was famous for being the wife of a famous screenwriter and author. 

But surpassingly, Norma was someone who preferred to keep a low-profile neglecting all the self-developed fame. 

Norma Faye Kesey Previous Relationships

Prior to her marriage with McMurty, Norma Faye Kesey was already a well-acclaimed figure in Hollywood. 

Her first marriage was with Ken Kesey, one of the most influential writers and filmmakers in the history of the country. She was married to him for more than 45 years. 

However, Ken died in 2001 and after 10 years, she remarried Larry McMurty in 2011. She didn’t have children with either of them. 

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