Laurel Hubbard Before And After Transition As A Man

Laurel Hubbard Will Be First Trans Athlete At Tokyo Olympics – Know About Her Transition Journey

Laurel Hubbard Will Be First Trans Athlete At Tokyo Olympics – Know About Her Transition Journey

Laurel Hubbard before and after transition pictures will surprise you. Learn about her height and weight here.

Laurel is a professional weightlifter. In 2019, she won a gold medal in the Pacific Games in the +87 kg category.

Recently, the officials selected her for the women’s weightlifting team for the upcoming Olympics.

If everything goes as plan, she will become the first-ever transgender to compete in the Olympics.

Laurel Hubbard Before And After Transition

Before gender transition, Laurel Hubbard was a man known as Gavin Hubbard.

As Gavin, she had set New Zealand junior records with snatch 135 kg, clean & jerk 170 kg, total 300 kg. Unfortunately, David Liti has already broken her record.

In 2012, Gavin became the Executive Officer for Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand. The same year she completed her transition to female and renamed herself, Laurel.

After the completion of her gender transition, she won the 2017 Australian International & Australian Open. Well, she became the first-ever transgender to win a gold medal for her country.

According to Anna Van Bellinghen, allowing a transgender woman would be unfair. However, the weightlifting’s governing body had already modified qualifying requirements for Tokyo 2020.

Her Height Revealed

Laurel Hubbard’s height is confirmed to be 6 feet tall.

Moving on, her recent weigh-in is revealed to be 185 kg. Thus, she will compete in the super-heavyweight division in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Moreover, she has been in professional weightlifting since 1998. Everyone has an eye set on the transgender athlete for the upcoming summer Olympics.

Laurel Hubbard Age: How Old Is She?

Laurel Hubbard’s current age is 43 years old.

According to Wikipedia, she was born on February 9, 1978. She had celebrated her 43rd birthday just three months back.

Furthermore, she was in her mid-thirties when she transitioned into a female. Despite winning two gold medals at the 2019 Pacific Games, many criticized her.

Everything To Know About Her Surgery

Laurel Hubbard’s surgery had cost over $100 thousand.

According to Stuff, Laurel has a rich economic background and was able to afford it.

However, other bisexuals wish to transition their gender but the amount is too high for them.

Hence, the New Zealand Human Rights Commission had confirmed that the women’s category will not require surgery for bisexual participants. 

However, their total testosterone level in serum must be below 10 nanomoles per liter for 12 months.

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