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Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy is a politician and he has been getting some attention in the past couple of months.  He is running for the US House from the state of Delaware. He has been active n politics and has chosen to stay in The Republican Party. He has set up a website and has been doing a lot of campaigning to win the election. An election is a costly matter, and the United States elections- even more so.

He is really focused right now as the election for house is happening on September 15. A devoted Christian seeking to be elected from Delaware might think it could be an easy win but American politics is so sensitive right now, we can never be sure of the results. All his fans and haters can only show their emotions on the election and wait to see the results. Let’s get to know more about the candidate Lee Murphy.

Name Lee Murphy
Age 70
Gender Male
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Politician
Married/Single Single
Children 3
Instagram gomurph2020
Twitter goMurph2020

10 Facts on Lee Murphy

  1. Lee Murphy was born on 25 September 1951. He is definitely from a far-gone era but that also means he has lots of experience.
  2. Murphy is 70 years old and most certainly looks like that. He has no Wiki but there is information about his background and his campaign on other sites.
  3. Murphy was born in Woodberry, New Jersey but he currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware- the place where he is running election from.
  4. Murphy is short in stature. His height is just 5 feet 6 inches tall but height isn’t a very concerning topic for politicians.
  5. Murphy completed his official education from Rowan University.
  6. He is white and a follower of the Christian religion.
  7. Murphy has many followers and they support him dearly.
  8. Lee doesn’t have any wife. He is currently single but is a father to 3 children- Christine, Kelly, and Mark. That’s all we know about his family.
  9. We have no idea about the net worth of Lee Murphy.

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