Les Beaux Freres Age, Real Name And Instagram

Who Are Les Beaux Freres From AGT? Meet The Towel Routine Duo

Who Are Les Beaux Freres From AGT? Meet The Towel Routine Duo

Les Beaux Freres shock the AGT stage with their extraordinary performance. So Who are they? Learn about the AGT contestant from here.

Freres is a Canadian French Towel Routine duo. They are going to appear as the new contestant on America’s Got Talent.

In the preview of AGT’s new episode, the duo performed their hilarious towel routine dance. They appeared with their signature white bath towels.

The brother duo then performed their amazing act on the stage. While suddenly, an eye-catching moment happened. Read further to know.

AGT: Les Beaux Freres

Les Beaux Freres gave their lifetime epic performance on AGT.

During their hilarious performance, the two-man danced around the stage. They clowned as they keep their private parts uncovered with a towel.

Judges were enjoying their act. Nobody was able to stop the laughter.

By the end, the judges were totally shocked when one of the brothers steals the towel from another, leaving him completely naked on stage.

After which, everyone burst out of laughter. “I Saw Every Thing,” says the host Terry Crews.

Check out the epic video below.

Feres is a very dynamic and charismatic dance duo. They are professionals from the National Circus School in Montreal.

The brothers are well known for varieties of dances and comic acts, including Juggling, Acrobatic Bike, and Unicycling.

Their versatile circus acts have been praised in different parts of the world.

Notably, they have performed with entertainment-based companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and 7 doigts de la main.

Les Beaux Freres Age

Les Beaux Freres age is not known.

However, the duo seems to be somewhere in their 20’s.

They are from Quebeck City, Canada.

Their Real Name

Les Beaux Freres real names are Raphael and Yohann.

The elder brother Raphael is best known for his calculating spirit and easy-going nature.

He is accompanied by the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Yohann. Together they are one very appealing duo.

Meet Them On Instagram

Les Beaux Freres could not be identified on Instagram.

However, they are seen active on Twitter and Facebook platforms.

Their Twitter username is “@lesbeauxfreres,” The account has more than 115 followers until now.

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