Lethamyr Age, Net Worth and Instagram: Is Lethamyr A Pro?

Lethamyr Age & Net Worth: How Old Is He?

Lethamyr Age & Net Worth: How Old Is He?

Lethamyr reached the age in his 20s, and already he is a mentor, producer and Twitch streamer recognized for being the A Rocket League player. Now let us dive into his personal and professional life in the given paragraphs.

Lethamyr is a successful gamer and has won several titles in North American in CS: Go and League of Legends. Furthermore, he has a promising gaming career ahead and one of the stars streamers in all of the North American nations.

Lethamyr Age And Real Name

Lethamyr’s age is 25 years old as of 2021.

He was born on 31 March 1995.

On the other hand, Lethamyr’s real name is Trevlyn Robitaille.

But to the gaming community, the guy is known by the name Lethamyr.

What Is His Net Worth? Is He a Pro?

The talented Lethamyr’s net worth is at $1 million as of 2021.

Yes, he is a professional social media personality.

His videos consist of Rocket League multiplayer videos where we can see him playing alongside another professional player, reviewing videos, and posting several funny videos.

Also, it is estimated that the profit that is gained from the ad appearing in his videos is expected to be $6.4 dollars per day which is around $2.5 billion annually.

Does Lethamyr Have An Instagram Account?

Yes, Lethamyr does have an Instagram account made in his name.

He has in excess of 19K followers on his Instagram. From the site, we came to know that the Twitch star seems to have a girlfriend named, Shannon Delavigne.

He Is Also On The YouTube

Lethamyr is a remarkable player and plays professionally with the popular Mustyteers club and even worked as a coach at Rocket League Spring Series Europe Tournament in the year 2020.

He also runs Rocket League content-related videos on YouTube.

On his channel, titled, Lethamyr, he has gained 1 million subscribers.

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