Liang Na UFC Wikipedia Age, Ethnicity And Height Weight 2019

Liang Na Wikipedia Age: Her Ethnicity And Background Revealed

Liang Na Wikipedia Age: Her Ethnicity And Background Revealed

A fighter woman, that’s fascinating right?

Dragon Girl Liang Na has just joined UFC. Liang is ranked one of the best fighters in her nation. 

Let’s learn everything about her, Wikipedia, age, height, weight, and nationality.

Liang Na Wikipedia and Background

Despite being one of the best fighters, Liang Na has not appeared on Wikipedia yet.

Liang Na is a China-based athlete. She is a professional martial artist and wrestler. Recently we have got news of her playing in UFC. She will be representing her homeland China.

Liang’s parents had enrolled her in martial arts class because of her naughty nature, but that made her fond of the game. 

She has four wins by knockouts and nine wins by submission. She was involved in MMA. She has fought for the WLF banner, Heroin FC and Bellator in her career. 

Liang will be playing with Carnelossi in the opening. She sees her opponents as both tough and aggressive. She has now established herself as a professional fighter in China and proves herself in UFC.

Liang Na Age, Height and Weight

As per the data found in UFC, Liang Na is now 24 years old.

Liang was born on 27 July 1996.

This young athlete is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and her reach is 171 cm. Liang’s weight is about 53 kg. 

Where Does Liang Na Belong? What Is Her Ethnicity?

Liang Na belongs to China. Her nationality is Chinese.

She has been playing for China. She is ranked among the best pound-on-pound female fighters in China. 

Recently, she has joined UFC, and she will be representing her homeland China. 

Liang Na is signed from the UFC Academy Combine from the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China.

The surprising fact is that she is the first woman to be signed by UFC from China.

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