Lidia Maksymowicz Wikipedia Age Husband And Family: Auschwitz Survivor

Pope Francis Kisses Tattoo Of Auschwitz Survivor Lidia Maksymowicz: Who Is She?

Pope Francis Kisses Tattoo Of Auschwitz Survivor Lidia Maksymowicz: Who Is She?

Is Lidia Maksymowicz on Wikipedia? The Auschwitz survivor got into the headlines after Pope Francis kissed her as a tribute. Get to know more from here.

Lidia is an Auschwitz survivor. She survived the medical experiments at the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp.

During an emotional meeting at the Vatican, Pope Francis has paid tribute to the Holocaust survivors.

She was introduced to him on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. He kissed the tattoo of the Auschwitz survivor. Here are details on her.

Lidia Maksymowicz Wikipedia

Lidia Maksymowicz does not have a Wikipedia bio.

She is a Holocaust survivor who was the genocide of European Jews during World War II.

Maksymowicz is a Polish citizen born in Ludmila Boczarowa.

She has constantly been educating youth about the Holocaust for a very long time.

Lidia was only three when she was taken to the Nazi death camp in December 1943 when German occupied Poland.

The survivor had spent three years in the children’s camp led by the most notorious physician of World War,  Josef Mengele.

Following which was subjected to many serious medical experiments. Maksymowicz still has a tattoo numbered in her left hand, 70072.

Furthermore, she is also a part of a historical documentary named “70072: The Girl Who Couldn’t Hate”.

Lidia Maksymowicz Age

Lidia Maksymowicz’s age is 81 years old as of May 2021.

For now, we do not know about her birthday and astrological details.

Lidia Maksymowicz’s nationality is Polish.

Lidia Maksymowicz Husband

Lidia Maksymowicz’s husband is not known

Her family was natives of Belarus.

She was deported to Auschwitz from her native land at the age of three. After the camp liberation, she was adopted by a Polish family.

Maksymowicz’s biological mother is Anna. She was reunited with her at the age of 18 in the early 1960s.

If we go back in history, more than millions of people were gassed to death at Auschwitz. She was among the lucky ones who survived.

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