Lilly Aspell Age, Wiki, Height, Birthday, Instagram

Lilly Aspell

Lilly Aspell

Lilly Aspell is a talented and beautiful child actor. She got famous and earned her fame when she played the role of Young Diana as Gal Gadot has played the roles of elder Diane in Wonder Women which is an American superhero movie. She nailed the role of Young Diana and got a lot of praises for the movie.

Lilly Aspell is also a part of another sci-fiction movie named Extinction she played the role of Megan who was Ray and Samantha’s daughter. This movie was released on Online streaming platform Netflix in 2018 which was directed by Ben young.  

Name Lilly Aspell
Birthday October 23
Age 12
Gender Female
Height 4 feet
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Parents Paddy Aspell (Father) Donna (Mother)
Married/Single Single
Instagram @lillyaspellactress
Twitter @LillyAspell
Facebook @lillyaspellaofficial

10 Facts about Lilly Aspell:

  1. Lilly Aspell was born on October 23, 2007, in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. She is 12 years old but being young hasn’t stopped her from acting superbly in her movies.
  2. Her father name is Paddy Aspell who is an Irish born whereas her mother name is Donna who is a Scottish and they are a professional hockey who rides horses in the competition
  3. She was bought to the audition of Young Diana when Industry Representative saw her on Oxford Street in England.
  4. She has an Instagram username named @lillyaspellactress where she has 4.7k followers over there.
  5. Her height is not mentioned anywhere but according to many reports it is claimed that her height is above 4 feet tall.
  6. Lilly is a famous child actor who has a lot of fan following but she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page for her fan and followers to know about he details and everything.
  7. She went for almost 6 months of training for the role of Young Diana and she had to shoot it within 3 weeks which made her very hard as she is very young.
  8. She studies in Springside Primary school in England before shooting for her movie Wonder Women.
  9. She has earned herself enough money to become a brain surgeon or to buy her 10 horses as her parents are professional jockey players.
  10. She skipped her school and went to Hollywood, USA to start shooting for her movie Wonder Women and she says her friend couldn’t stop her from acting and leaving school for her shooting.

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