Lilsimsie Twitch Age, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Who Is Lilsimsie Twitch? Know Age And Boyfriend Of Kayla Sims

Who Is Lilsimsie Twitch? Know Age And Boyfriend Of Kayla Sims

Lilsimsie aka Kayla Sims at the age of 21 has become a sensation on Twitch. Let us learn about her boyfriend and net worth.

Lilsimsie is the Twitch account of Kayla Sims. She mostly plays The Sims 4 during her live steams.

Lilsimsie Twitch Age

Lilsimsie age is 21 years old.

She was born Kayla Marie Sims in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, she has her birthday celebrations on August 14 each year.

Kayla has two siblings, a brother and a sister. She is the eldest of the three. Brett and Shanna are her siblings. Also, Lilsimsie lives in Orlando, Florida, as of now.

Lilsimsie started playing The Sims at the age of 5. In fact, her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was 14 years old. 

She says the game helped her to get through her father’s diagnosis. To point out, she was using it as an escape.

Kayla went to the University of Central Florida. She had joined with a major in digital media. Later, she transferred to History in 2018. Eventually, she graduated from the university in May 2020.

Lilsimsie Twitch Boyfriend

Lilsimsie boyfriend is Dan Grenander.

The two are engaged to each other. However, it is not known when the two exchanged rings with each other.

Interestingly, Sim’s boyfriend is also a Twitch streamer. He is on Twitch as duckdan.

Also, he has a YouTube channel with the same name. Lilsimsie and Duckdan are frequently seen playing online games together.

Kayla’s boyfriend is from England. He is reportedly pursuing to move to the United States forever. Dan is scheduled to have an interview at London Embassy at the end of June.

Lilsimsie aka Kayla Sims Wikipedia

Lilsimsie has her bio on Wikipedia.

Kayla has a YouTube channel named Lilsimsie. She has over 1.2 million subscribers there. Sims gets hundreds of thousands of views in hours.

As per Wikipedia, she started uploading videos on YouTube in 2015.

In addition, Sim’s Twitch account Lilsimsie has over 390k followers.

Furthermore, Kayla is on Instagram as @lilsimsie. She boasts over 171k followers on the platform.

Her Net Worth

Lilsimsie’s net worth is not available in exact figures.

However, she must have a huge net worth, perhaps in millions. She earns during her live streams as well as from her YouTube views.

Interestingly, Kayla raised more than $300k during a charity fundraiser last month.

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