Lim Shang Jin Scandal – His Wife Age And Instagram

What Happened To Lim Shang Jin? Scandal Explained

What Happened To Lim Shang Jin? Scandal Explained

Lim Shang Jin gambling scandal has brought his name to the limelight. Read this article to learn more about his age wife and Instagram. 

Lim is a famous Youtuber. 

He belongs to the Millelianal generation. 

Lim Shang Jin Scandal: Issue Explained 

Lim Shang came out to expose Yang Bao Bei, as he was getting into gambling addition. 

In May, six of YBB’s friends surfaced to explain their sides from netizens telling them that they were not supportive of YBB. 

They agreed not to speak until YBB explains her situation herself. 

Similarly, Youtubers Charles Tee, Lim Shang Jin, Tan Yii Yii, her Youtube business partners Chord and Kay, and her bubble tea business partner Sky were the six people tagged by netizens. 

This group of six explained the ‘real story behind YBB’s gambling addiction which they claim started last year. 

Moreover, as per the groups, they mentioned that YBB lied to them by borrowing money for ‘business purposes.

The group said that the money borrowed by the influencer would amount from tens to hundreds of thousands. 

The group also further added that YBB would also use her father’s death to draw in more sympathy to gain more money. 

In addition, Agnes Ma, YBB’s alleged best friend, and Ma’s boyfriend, Chris Hoo, were also involved in the scandal as these two were being tagged to be connected to YBB’s scams.

The influencer had even burdened the group with guilt by saying that if she were to go back to jail, she would once again commit suicide.

Who is Lim Shang Jin Wife?

There is no valid evidence on finding Lim Shang Jin’s wife. 

He must be unmarried and single. 

In addition, Lim was in a relationship with Zhang Qiuwen, but they publicly announced their breakup on January 6, 2021. 

The couple ended their two-year relationship, as both of them were busy with their work schedule and decided to break up peacefully. 

What Is His Age?

Lim’s age is 31 years old. 

Lim was born on July 26, 1989, in Malaysia. 

Shang’s birth sign is Leo. 

Meet Him on Instagram

Yes, the YouTuber and content creator is found using Instagram. 

He is very popular on social media, and his IG has huge 386k followers, with a verified account. 

Similarly, Jin has also uploaded over 650 posts, which shows he regularly posts feeds on his Instagram handle. 

Lim Shang Jin: Wikipedia and Bio 

Lim Shang Jin is absent on Wikipedia. 

He created his own YouTube channel on September 17, 2008, and uploaded the first video on December 23, 2009. 

Shang is famous for sharing his experience videos; some of his early videos have aroused heated discussion among netizens.

At present, most of his works are live videos, and he frequently participates in other YouTubers’ videos and online micro movies. 

On November 11, 2018, Lin Shangjin released the MV of the first original song, “Little Girl,” on his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he released his second original song, “Undisclosed,” along with MV on April 1, 2019. 

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