Linda Stoltzfoos found Alive or Dead? Parents And Family

Who is Linda Stoltzfoos? Everything On Her Parents And Family

Who is Linda Stoltzfoos? Everything On Her Parents And Family

Linda Stoltzfoos was found alive or dead? Her remains have been found after 10 months of her disappearance. Read below to know more.

Stoltzfoos was an Amish teen who had last been seen on June 21, 2020. According to NBC News, she had been returning home from church in Lancaster County. 

More than 15 thousand men were deployed by the authorities to find Linda. There were rumors that she might have taken a break from her job and gone for a trip, but East Lampeter Township police Lt. Matt Hess confirmed that she was never the woman of such character.

Linda Stoltzfoos Found Alive Or Dead?

On April 22, 2021, Linda Stoltzfoos’s remains were found by the authorities.

However, the official statement regarding human remains is yet to be confirmed. However, her family has already recognized her, which means that Linda is presumably dead.

In case the family made a mistake, we will reveal that she is still alive.

Once the remains are identified, we will know about Linda’s cause of death. Reportedly, Justo Smoker killed her after abducting her. As per the official reports from People, he has been arrested already and is charged with felony kidnapping.

Who Are Her Parents?

Linda Stoltzfoos was the daughter of parents Lloyd Stoltzfoos and Susie Stoltzfoos.

Her father, Lloyd, is a shopkeeper, but the information about her mother is yet to be known. The news of their daughter devasts them. They have been anxious since her disappearance, and the recent news has made them depressed.

Everything On Her Family

At the age of 18 years, Linda Stoltzfoos has waved goodbye to her wonderful family.

At this critical moment, we would like to send condolences to all her family and friends. We hope that the media will give them enough privacy to heal from this difficult time.

Her family resides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Thus, we can confirm that she was an American citizen.

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