Lindsay Myeni Hawaii Lindani Myeni Wife And Children: Family Details To Know

Who Is Lindsay Myeni? Family And Children Details On Lindani Myeni Wife

Who Is Lindsay Myeni? Family And Children Details On Lindani Myeni Wife

Lindsay Myeni husband Lindani Myeni was shot and killed by a police officer in Honolulu, Hawaii. Let’s know more about the incident in this article.

Lindsay Myeni is an American personality who is all over the headlines after her husband, Lindani Myeni was shot and killed multiple times by the Hawaii police when they responded to a house burglary call. Lindsay became an eminent personality after his husband shooting video became viral all over the internet.

Recently, Lindsay Myeni’s family has started an online fundraiser for his repatriation. They want him buried in KwaZulu-Natal.

Lindsay Myeni Husband: Does She Have Children?

Lindsay Myeni was happily married to her husband, Lindani Myeni.

Not just married Lindsay and Lindani have two children. Recently, with the outlet of Lindsay’s husband shot and killed in Honolulu, Hawaii, he was identified as a former rugby player. Also, he was the attorney of a South African.

Moreover, Lindani was a very good and kind man who dearly loved his wife, Lindsay Myeni, and children. Lindani loved his homeland.

Lindsay Myeni Family Details To Know

Lindsay Myeni family is still out of sight.

When it comes to Lindsay’s family, there is no admissible information regarding her parental information. Also, we’re unknown if she is a single child or has siblings.

However, his family has organized an online fundraiser to help with the repatriation costs. So far now, her family has already raised $6157. The goal is to raise about $100,000.

Justice For Lindsay Myeni 

Messages of condolences are continuing to pour for a former KwaZulu-Natal rugby player, Lindani Myeni, who was badly shot and died. 

In addition to that, a fight ensues where Myeni was tasered several times before he was shot. You can also find shooting videos on online sources. You can find Bodycam footage explanations on New24

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