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Lindsey Lemke

Lindsey Lemke

Lindsey Lemke is an actress and a writer. Although she has not been very popular in her field, she has undoubtedly pursued her passion and made a nice space for herself in the indie world. She also sings and directs.  She toured as a musician for a while but acting is her main job.

I am sure most of you had not heard of Lemke and that’s perfectly okay because she hasn’t really been in a movie or a show that took the pop culture by storm. She has been in eccentric films and experimental films. She is pretty resourceful as she has been writing her own short films. Let’s get to know this hard-working actress a bit more intimately.

Name Lindsey Lemke
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Education Minneapolis Community & Technical College
Instagram @lindseylemke

10 Facts On Lindsey Lemke

  1. Lindsey Lemke was born and raised in Wisconsin. She really loves that place and visits it occasionally now that she lives somewhere else.
  2. We are unaware of her date of birth as it is not available on the internet. She has kept that detail private.
  3. We have to confess we don’t have a clue what her height is. I am not sure if us not knowing that is more disappointing or the fact that people want to know that.
  4. Lindsy studied Theatre Arts at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and sharpened her dramatic acting skills.
  5. Lemke spent a little time after her college touring around as a musician.
  6. She relocated from Wisconsin to Austin, Texas which had a more robust film and music scene.
  7. It appears as though she is single. She might have a boyfriend in secret but for now, we have no option but to consider her single.
  8. She is one of those “I can do it all” people as she sings, acts, and directs films as well.
  9. There is not a Wikipedia site dedicated to her. She has an IMDB profile though.
  10. Lemke is on Instagram but her profile is private.

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