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Lisa Winans

Lisa Winans

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Juan Winans is an American singer, songwriter, music producer. He is the third generation member of the famous Winans family. If you know of Juan Winans, by any chance, you might have heard about his pretty lady love, his wife. The American singer cum songwriter is married to his wife of several years Lisa Winans. 

Name Lisa Winans 
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Singer
Married/Single Married
Husband Juan Winans
Children 1
Divorce No

Lisa Winans is a celebrity family member. But, there’s more to her identity in the media. She is also a singer and stage performer. She has performed at several singing events together with her husband Juan Winans. Together for several years now, Lisa and her husband Juan have a child together. 

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10 Facts About Lisa Winans 

  1. Lisa Winans is an American celebrity family member. She is also a stage performer and singer. She often performs with her singer husband Juan Winans.
  2. The details about Lisa’s age and birthday are not public. Her husband was born on July 24, 1981, and is currently 39 years of age. She could be also in her 30s.
  3. She was born in the United States. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is black.
  4. Lisa is a member of the third generation Winans family. The Winans family is a popular gospel musical family from Detroit, Michigan, the US.
  5. The details about her net worth and annual earnings are not public. The Winans family is worth several million.
  6. Lisa is also a TV personality. She appeared in the hit NBC show titled Songland, Season 1 and Season 2.
  7. Lisa is the lead singer of Out of Eden, a Contemporary Christian group.
  8. Lisa Kimmey, now known as Lisa Winans, met Juan in 2005 at a church. After dating for two years, they got married on 8 September 2007.
  9. The couple has a child, a daughter named Sophia. Sophia was born in December of 2010.
  10. Lisa is not active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. You can find her husband, Winans on both Instagram and Twitter.

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