Lorenzo Insigne Neck Tattoo Meaning

Lorenzo Insigne Neck Tattoo Meaning – What About His Leg Tattoo?

Lorenzo Insigne Neck Tattoo Meaning – What About His Leg Tattoo?

Lorenzo Insigne neck tattoo has been a talking point in Euro 2020.  What about his leg tattoo? Get to know the meaning from here.

Lorenzo Insigne is among the name that led Italy to the semis of Euro 2020. The star has already netted two goals for the gli Azzurri.

Very recently, Italy secured an amazing victory against the Belgian side. The Napoli man is preparing for his match against Spain on July 6, 2021.

Insigne of age 30 years old is already a hero for his national side. However, this time it’s his body ink that is making headlines. Here are the details.

Lorenzo Insigne Neck Tattoo Meaning

Lorenzo Insigne’s neck tattoo has a special meaning behind it.

On the back of Insigne’s neck, there is a stick figure of three people.

The drawing is thought to represent his mother, father, and himself as a child.

Similarly, the little boy in the family portrait holds a heart symbol over his head.

Lorenzo’s ink catches the eye of many fans. Some speculated that the art represents his own parents.

Likewise, many thought it to be Insigne’s son and wife Genoveffa Darone.

His first son Carmine was born on 4 April 2013 while Christian was born on 13 March 2015.

Moreover, the cartoonish stick figure family tattoo has split Euro 2020 fans. It has been a talking point over media following Italy’s matches.

What About His Leg Tattoo?

Lorenzo Insigne’s leg tattoo is also a masterpiece.

The forward has a Diego Maradona on his left thigh.

The tattoo was made as a tribute to his idol following who was the Napoli legend himself.

Not to forget, he also has a butterfly on his left calf and the number ’24’ tattooed on his right.

Lorenzo Insigne Body Tattoos Details

Lorenzo Insigne’s body tattoos have several personal meanings.

However, we only know in detail about some of them.

Some of Insigne’s smaller details include an emoji design on his right tricep.

Similarly, there are two lions on his back. Nevertheless, he has so many personal memories inked on his body.

Does he have a Kobe Tattoo?

Lorenzo Insigne does not have a Kobe tattoo.

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